In past 13 years in Bangkok, I have tried to study Thai with 3 teachers, the latest one is with Khun Titima (Apple). The teaching of Khun Apple is very simple & the most effective. I highly recommend to learn Thai with Khun Apple. I am sure that if someone attends her classes regularly and pay attention, can speak very good Thai.


Vikash Jalan
Asst. Vice President, Indorama Ventures Public Co., Ltd

Teacher Apple offers very flexible lesson. She changes content of lessons in accordance with the necessity in my business environment. She is flexible for schedule also. She kindly change the lesson schedule when I get urgent business meeting.




Etsuro TOJO
Managing Director, Thai TAZM TECH Co., Ltd

A very understanding and patient teacher. Structured, organized and fun to learn from!

Chinese, Vietnamese, Irish-American
Fighter, MMA/Muay Thai trainer

Never stop fighting


Stanley Phan
Fighter, MMA/Muay Thai trainer

I found taking class with Khun Apple very interesting. Her ability to make me learn Thai language with enthusiast helped me to understand not only the language but the habits of her country. She was able to adjust her class according to my needs. Through her class Khun Apple made me enjoy my 4 years journey in this great country. Kawb Khun Mak Khrub!


Sebastien LANGLAIS
Technical Director at MANE THAILAND