Work Experience

May 2005 – Present : Thai Teacher
Teaching Thai to Foreigners

  • Design a Thai language curriculum for Foreigners.
  • Creating teaching material , exercises and test for each courses.
  • Teaching Thai language focusing in conversation for many nationality such as American, Australian, British, Canadian, Chinese, Danish, Filipino, French, Indian, Indonesian, Israeli, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malaysian, New Zealand , Norwegian, Scottish, Singaporean, Spanish, Swedish and Taiwanese.

Teaching Experience

  • Acap Advisory Public Co., Ltd
  • Ajinomoto (Thailand) Co., Lte
  • Alan Dick (Thailand) Co., Ltd
  • Alliance & Link Corporation Co.,Ltd
  • Armacell (Thailand) Limited
  • Animated Storyboard (Thailand)
  • Ariyasomvilla Hotel
  • Baan Khun Phu Co., Ltd
  • Bacardi (Thailand) Co., Ltd
  • Beko Thai Co., Ltd
  • Body Steel and Silver Co., Ltd
  • Cadbury Adams (Thailand) Limited
  • Carpet Internation Thailand
  • Cemex (Thailand) Co., Ltd
  • CJ Corp. Thailand
  • Deutsche Bank (Thailand)
  • DHL Thailand
  • Digital Marketing Solutions Co., Ltd
  • Forum-Asia Thailand
  • F&N Dairies (Thailand) Limited
  • Hill+Knowlton Strategies Thailand
  • Indorama Group (Thailand) Co., Ltd
  • International SOS Services (Thailand) Limited
  • Lucky Group
  • Magic Software (Thailand) Corp. Ltd
  • Magnecomp Precision Technology PCL
  • Makhteshim-Agan (Thailand) Ltd
  • Medalist Asia Limited
  • Metropolitan Hotel
  • Mondelez International (Thailand) Co., Ltd
  • PZ Cussons (Thailand) Limited
  • Sallmanns International Property Consultants & Values
  • San Miguel Beer (Thailand) Co., Ltd
  • Saint Gobain Thailand
  • Saralee (Thailand) Ltd
  • Satin Textile Co., Ltd
  • SCG Siam Cement Group
  • TAMUZ Software (Thailand) Co., Ltd
  • Textiles Gallery Co., Ltd (PASAYA)
  • Thai Beverage Public Company Limited
  • Thai Gypsum Products Pcl.
  • Thai Tazm Trading Co.,Ltd
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific (Thailand)
  • True Corporation Public Company Limited
  • Urgo Healthcare Products Co., ltd.
  • V.mane Fils (Thailand) Co., Ltd
  • Zalora Thailand


Zalora Thailand     V.mane Fils (Thailand) Co., Ltd    San Miguel Beer (Thailand) Co., Ltd    Satin Textile Co., Ltd     Urgo Healthcare Products Co., ltd.   Medalist Asia LimitedSCG Siam Cement Group  Saralee (Thailand) Ltd   20.Mondelez Thermo Fisher Scientific (Thailand) Cadbury Adams (Thailand) Limted

Sallmanns International Property Consultants & Values   pasaya  True Corporation Public Company  Limited  TAMAZ Software (Thailand) Co., Ltd     Metropolitan Hotel  Makhteshim-Agan (Thailand) Ltd

PZ  Cussons (Thailand) Limited       Magnecomp Precision Technology PCL     Magic Software (Thailand) Corp. Ltd     Deutsche Bank (Thailand)   Lucky GroupIndorama Group (Thailand) Co., Ltd

digital and marketing solution    Body Steel and Silver Co., Ltd    CJ Corp. Thailand  ariyasom  Cemex (Thailand) Co., Ltd   Alan Dick Hill+Knowlton Strategies Thailand     barcadi    animatedstoryboards  aji  acap  24.Saint gobain thailandindexArmacell  beko   4.Alliance&Link   f&n

forum asia      Carpet  SOS