I would recommend Titima to anyone wanting to learn to speak the Thai language. She is a training specialist and her technique shows that she knows what she’s doing, particularly when it comes to adult learners of a second language like I am.

Having been a training specialist myself for a large corporation, I feel confident in saying that Apple is a highly competent trainer and with a little effort every student should see some results in a short time and have fun doing it too! After living in Bangkok for ten years and believing I could learn to speak on my own with books and recordings, I finally reached the conclusion that I just wasn’t enjoying speaking and I just wasn’t improving, and like many expats here, I would fluctuate between accepting the fact I would remain part of the group that lives here without the language skills and being embarrassed about the fact that I was either too intellectually challenged to learn it or just didn’t care enough to do it. Not really believing either to be true, I finally sought Titima’s help.

After just a few sessions one-on-one with Titima starting from scratch, I’m not only able to speak with confidence in restaurants and while shopping (and without being constantly corrected or misunderstood), I am really enjoying the ability to have a little conversation and connecting with people more due to the fact that I am speaking more correctly. Being able to use even basic Thai with confidence has made my experience less alienating and opened my world.

My entire attitude toward the language is quickly changing and, although I know it will take some time, I can actually see myself speaking and understanding basic Thai and enjoying it so much more. I don’t think I had accepted that that might actually happen before. Thanks Titima!

Patricia Murry