Welcome to Thailand!!

Learning Thai has never been more fun and effective!!

With Ajarn Apple you are guaranteed to learn and use the essential Thai you need for your work and everyday life

You will be learning Thai through various mediums, such as songs, movies and newspapers. Engaging activities include real-life experiences in ordering food and purchasing.
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  • Vikash Jalan
    In past 13 years in Bangkok, I have...
    Vikash Jalan,
    Asst. Vice President, Indorama Ventures Public Co., Ltd
  • Hiroko Yamagishi
    I first met with Ajarn Apple at a...
    Hiroko Yamagishi,
    Managing Derector / Connectia Co.,Ltd
  • Colin Ricoux
    It was really interesting and fruitful to learn...
    Colin Ricoux,
    Product Manager at Urgo Medical